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Electronic Monitoring Services

Law Enforcement

Electronic monitoring of offenders in Canada can take a role as one of the ultimate law enforcement tools for reducing crime. Our technology is available to monitor the location of individuals who released with electronic monitoring. 

Electronic monitoring of these individuals can automatically solve cases by placing these individuals in proximity to crime scenes.

Electronic offender monitoring is one of the most powerful tools available to law enforcement.

Our experience has been that a very low percentage of individuals that are released with electronic offender monitoring will violate their conditions of release that has been set by the court. In virtually 100% of those cases, the violating individual is immediately caught and returned to jail.

While no solution is foolproof, our electronic monitoring systems come very close.

Using our crime scene correlation capabilities, the time and place of a crime can be submitted to the software. A report is sent to the law enforcement department investigating the crime of any individuals whose electronic monitoring device indicates that they were in the vicinity of the crime at the time that it took place. The investigators will have an instant list of suspects and possible witnesses that can be immediately found and interrogated. This capability can greatly increase police case clearance rates.

Electronic Monitoring Made Simple and Reliable

Exclusion Zones – Offenders can be kept out of restricted areas such as victim workplace, schools, parks, and known gang territories.

Employment Attendance - Electronic Offender Monitoring can ensure that offenders are attending work according to their set schedule.

School Attendance – Electronic Offender Monitoring can ensure that juveniles attend school and do not leave campus grounds during school hours.

Tracking can also ensure that students travel directly between home and school and do not take detours to other areas.

Customized Protocols – The software has the industry’s most sophisticated protocol capability. Our notifications can be sent via voice, text, and email channels. Different communications profiles depending on the time of day, and validation steps that can be performed by operators to reduce officer workloads.

Home Curfew Enforcement- Monitoring can be used to enforce home curfews that encourage regular work/home cycle behavior and keep offenders off the streets at night.

Software supplied at no additional charge

Law Enforcement and Probation Officers can see enrolled individuals in real-time 24/7/365 and there is no need to download or purchase any software as this secure service is supplied at no charge. Numerous reports (including maps) regarding the individual’s activities and curfew compliance during a specified period of time are also available to view and print, if required.


Ankle Monitoring and Electronic Monitoring in Canada

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