TrāTek Monitoring Services is a division of TrāTek Industries Inc., (formerly Trace Canada).

We’re an independent Canadian company, and more than twenty-five years ago we were one of the first electronic monitoring service companies in Canada to offer our support to Probation, Law Enforcement, and the Canadian Court System.

We’re driven to provide both the best monitoring services and top of the line equipment in the market today. In addition, all of our services are offered at no cost to the Government or taxpayer, as they are user-pay.

Our services can be used in: Pre-trial bail release, home detention or modified home detention including 24/7 house arrest, release from an immigration hold, along with a conditional peace bond regarding domestic violence or child abuse, and much more. Additionally, our electronic alcohol monitoring service can be used in rehab situations, or contested divorce proceedings regarding alcohol abuse when minor children are involved.

Law Enforcement and Probation Officers can see enrolled individuals in real-time 24/7/365 and there is no need to download or purchase any software as this secure service is supplied at no charge. Numerous reports (including maps) regarding the individual’s activities and curfew compliance during a specified period of time are also available to view and print, if required.

Courts will have a feeling of comfort knowing both Probation and Law Enforcement will be able to monitor and track all individuals enrolled on our monitoring program 24/7/365 in real time. Presently Probation Offices such as Alberta Probation and many Law Enforcement agencies including the OPP and RCMP are using this service.

We program specific conditions of release into the monitoring software and if any of the programmed conditions are violated the monitoring center will receive an immediate notification via both satellite (for location) and the cellular network (for data) 24/7/365. Upon receipt, the computers at the monitoring center will immediately send a text message and/or e-mail notification of the particular violation to a pre-set contact list. Text messages should arrive within 1-2 minutes, and e-mail messages will take as long as the individual has their computer set to receive e-mails.
An option that’s offered is to have (in addition to the text and email notifications) a call from the monitoring center to a pre-set call list that would include a non-emergency dispatch call center (if available) for the local authorities or the individual’s Probation Officer. The call should normally take place within 2-4 minutes. (Please Note: It’s the receiver of the notification that’s responsible to take the appropriate action as soon as possible).

Whatever an individual’s financial situation, we’ll be able to supply both the equipment and the monitoring at a price they can afford, and very often that price is the lowest in Canada.

Our services are available to clients of Criminal, Family, and Immigration Courts throughout Canada.

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