Electronic Monitoring Applications

Pre-Trial Bail

No one should have their lives torn apart by merely being accused of a crime. The use of electronic monitoring and pre-trial bail supervision is a sensible alternative to pre-trial incarceration.
Defendants should no longer be held in custody awaiting trial, while possibly losing their jobs, families, and/or their lives in the process. Pre-trial defendants on electronic monitoring can continue to lead normal lives while the justice system works through their case.

Attention Bail Lawyers

Proposing our electronic monitoring program as part of a bail release plan is not difficult as we’ll provide you with a court-ready package of documents explaining our program, and the equipment we use. We’ll take the time to help you determine which type of equipment and its related cost is best suited for your client. Remember, not all cases require GPS tracking as we also offer other technologies that are less costly, less intrusive, and less time consuming.

In addition, we can provide a letter to the court confirming that we’re in agreement to offer electronic monitoring to your client. Also available, if preferred, and/or required, is a more detailed and notarized affidavit.

We’ve testified at numerous pre-trial bail hearing across Canada regarding the use of electronic monitoring, and in doing so we’re familiar with what questions and/or information the court and/or crown will want answered. One of services we offer (for a fee) is to testify and explain how our monitoring program can best fit the requirements of the court and your clients release plan, how it works, and what it can and cannot do.

We do not assess the eligibility of an individual, and we will only conduct an electronic suitability and/or GST signal strength test of the proposed residence if requested, by yourself and/or the court. Also, please note that the residence will not require a landline, except where cellular service is inadequate, or not available.

BE ADVISED: Before proposing our monitoring program as part of your bail application release plan;
1. The person to be monitored, the co-signer/guarantor, and all sureties should review our documents carefully to be sure everyone understands how the program works, and the commitments that will be required.
2. Participation in the program as the person to be monitored, the co-signer/guarantor, and all sureties will require that each person consent to the collection, use, and possible disclosure of personal information.

NOTE: If the charges are alcohol-related, we also offer remote alcohol breath testing that can document your client is abiding by the conditions to abstain from alcohol. This handheld technology is easy to use and is packed with features that allow your client to take breath tests, and within seconds the information is uploaded and results are sent to whomever we are requested to send them to. All will be done both easily and affordably so that your client can focus on other things.

Other A
pplications for Electronic Monitoring

Drug Offenders
Individuals can be tracked 24/7/365 and held accountable to rules of release and attendance to mandatory rehabilitation sessions, which is key to long-term rehabilitative success. Officials can create exclusion zones, if the offender again becomes involved in drug use, or distribution, all future visits to the exclusion zone will be reported.

High-Risk Offenders
When supervising agencies use electronic monitoring to track the movements of high-risk offenders in the community it provides supervising agents/officers with an extra set of eyes to help ensure compliance, and increase the level of community safety.

Juveniles and Young Offenders
Electronic Monitoring of juveniles and young offenders can help ensure they attend school and comply with other terms of their supervision. The use of electronic monitoring allows supervising agents/officers to create date and time sensitive inclusion and exclusion zones.

Gang Non-Association
Electronic monitoring in Canada can enforce non-association between gang members, and gangs from assembling together.

Sex Offender Tracking & Monitoring
Electronic monitoring for sex offenders’ both benefits the community and the sex offender. Sex offenders that know they’re being watched have much less chance to re-offend. This is because there’s a greater likelihood that they’ll be caught and prosecuted. Attendance to treatment sessions is one of the most important factors for successful rehabilitation, and electronic monitoring effectively verifies an offender's attendance to the treatment sessions.

Electronic monitoring can act as a cost effective, efficient, and powerful tool for individuals on probation. The reporting system allows for officers to be notified only in the case of an offender's non-compliance; if an offender remains in compliance… the officer isn't notified.

Additionally, electronic monitoring will give officers access to detailed mapping information, including violation reports for each offender. Officers no longer have to come into contact with an offender to verify location. If a participant still chooses to abscond, the corresponding authority will be able to view the last location prior to an infraction.

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