Electronic Monitoring Equipment


BLUtag GPS is small, durable, easy to recharge, and has the most advanced tamper detection systems available. The new 5.5oz BLUtag “Ankle Monitor” represents the latest evolution of GPS tracking devices and is the most advanced and reliable GPS electronic monitoring device ever created.

With its state-of-the-art GPS receiver, BLUtag provides unparalleled location accuracy via satellite, plus the ability to communicate over dual 4G cellular networks for reliable nationwide coverage.

What’s more, BLUtag is designed to seamlessly integrate with BLUbox and BLUhome RF solutions to effectively and efficiently monitor enrollees in home confinement programs.

BLUtag offers these features and benefits:

Built-in, proprietary anti-jamming and shielding technology ensures BLUtag can receive GPS signals whenever they’re available.
On-board memory stores GPS locations and event data.
BLUtag uses audio, vibration and LED alert notifications.
50+ hours of battery life from a single charge, and 75+ hours when using a mobile charging device.
Customizable reporting alerts.

In addition, keeping an electronic monitoring device properly charged is the most critical element to successfully monitor an individual. BLUtag makes it easier for enrollees to keep their BLUtag monitor properly charged at all times with;

Multiple Low-Battery Notifications
Simplified Charging Cable
Simplified Mobile Charging


The latest version of the BLUtag Tough Strap was developed by Securus Monitoring for Agencies supervising enrollees classified as high risk. Used with any existing BLUtag device, this strap comes in six sizes, is tamper proof, reusable, and fast to install.

Hypoallergenic, industrial-grade thermoplastic rubber strap.
1-mm steel insert.
Dual fiber optic tamper function.
Installed with standard clips and top caps.
6 sizes (220mm, 240mm, 260mm, 280mm, 300mm, and 320mm).
Flexibility helps with installation.


The StalkerAlert Mobile Application is a free domestic violence prevention tool for agencies and victims. The app monitors real-time GPS locations of both the victim (via the installed app) and enrollee (via BLUtag®), and sends in-app and SMS text notifications to the victim for safety measures.

Once the profile for the victim is created in the app, the BLUtag information gets added, and tracking begins. StalkerAlert notifies victims when an enrollee enters and exits any of the three predesignated Proximity Zones.

Caution Zone = 3 miles. Warning Zone = 2 miles. Danger Zone = 1 mile.


BLUband RF monitoring consists of a transmitter in the form of an “Ankle Monitor”, and a receiver which is placed in the offender’s home. The ankle monitor transmitter communicates with the receiver during the predetermined times the individual is scheduled to be at home.

The receiver will communicate via the cellular network to the monitoring centre.

The Ankle Monitor transmitter is tamper-proof and water resistant.


GPS and RF “Ankle Monitors” can add a biometric fingerprint scanner with 4G (LTE) cellular modem for data and voice communications, and a 2.25” x 3.75” touchscreen back-lit LCD display.

The new BLUhome home-based receiver provides agencies with the ability to verify the location of individuals at regularly scheduled intervals.

In the event BLUhome detects the individual has moved out of range, the device emits an audible notification requiring the individual to prove they’re present by authenticating their identity via the biometric fingerprint scanner. If the individual fails to confirm they’re actually present, BLUhome automatically alerts the agency in charge.


A unique one-piece, fully integrated ankle bracelet that is fitted close to the surface of the skin and has multiple features to provide complete monitoring of location, plus alcohol and marijuana intake.

The primary sensor measures the specific characteristics that are chemically emitted transdermally (through the skin) from the body and compared to a pre-test baseline “trip” level for each individual. Additional sensors are also used to detect tamper events, and battery voltage levels.

The TamaTrack’s bracelet casing is made from a high-grade ABS plastic and the strap is made of a high-grade plastic/rubber compound. It weighs approximately 6.5 ounces. Power is supplied by an internal rechargeable battery system. The bracelet is light, compact and can be worn without discomfort.


The ActiveTrack “Wrist Monitor” is an electronic monitoring system based on a smart watch, and offering a world of new possibilities for communication, management, and closer follow up of individuals.

It makes Probation and Law Enforcement officers more efficient, improves security, increases rehabilitation rates, and reduces recidivism.


The ActiveTrack “Home Monitor” is the optional “Wrist Monitor” home unit used to detect the individual’s presence at home.

It is small and discrete, has a backup battery, uses GPS, and offers infraction & power loss detection.


The SoberTrack portable “Remote Breath Alcohol Monitoring Unit” is a lightweight, handheld, one-piece, GPS-enabled unit that comes with its own carrying case and spare testing straws. After a full charge, it’s ready for testing and monitoring anywhere, anytime. (Note: Enrollees are not required to purchase the SoberTrack device or download any app to their smartphone.)

During testing SoberTrack’ s GPS function will identify the locations where each test is being taken as well as identify where each missed test is located.

Multiple color facial images will be taken during the test with the unit’s advanced built-in digital camera. All blurry or partial images will be discarded leaving only clear color images to provide a more complete automated facial recognition review. In low light settings the SoberTrack’ s LED light will automatically turn on to assist in obtaining the best picture quality possible.

Additionally, SoberTrack also displays the status of the battery when the screen is touched.


The SCRAM portable “Remote Breath Alcohol Monitoring Unit” offers automated facial recognition, and GPS location with every single test.

Knowing where clients are when they pass a remote breath test is important. But knowing where they are when they miss a remote breath test is critical. That’s why this device receives a GPS location with both taken and missed tests.

What does a client do if they’re drinking while under supervision? Miss a test, and claim they forgot the unit at another location? You’ll know they’re lying right away.

Have your clients missed tests and you suspect they’re drinking? You’ll know right away, and you’ll also be able to find them just as fast.



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