Immigration Holds

Are you or a loved one unable to get released from an immigration hold? We hear the same story again and again: You (or someone you know) was not able to be granted a release at the first hearing, so another lawyer is on the case and you’re expecting better results.

Changing lawyers is not always going to change the Immigration Review Board's mind. It can be expensive and time-consuming to have another Lawyer take over a case and learn all the details. Remember, if you don’t offer the Immigration Review Board a better proposal, don’t expect a different result.
Instead, ask yourself and your lawyer if you have presented the best possible proposal to the Board.

You know the facts of the case, you know your own circumstances, but do you and your lawyer know enough about electronic monitoring?
Offering a better proposal to the Board might make a difference. And that’s where electronic monitoring comes in.

Electronic monitoring is used by government agencies across Canada, and it’s also available for private immigration detention release cases as well. Don't wait to be denied release because the "release plan" proposed to the Board was not comprehensive enough... look at the option of including electronic monitoring.

A variety of electronic tracking systems are available for immigration cases.

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