Child Protection, Child Custody, Child Access

Concerns about a parent's physical abuse to either a wife, girlfriend, or a child weather founded or not, can bog down a family law proceeding. Electronic monitoring equipment can help in finding a solution. Reporting to the other parent before and after custody access visits so that objective data is available to confirm weather or not physical abuse has been detected. 

A period of monitoring is also an excellent way to address allegations or concerns that a parent abuses his or her children.​​When abuse is an issue in a child protection case, the proper equipment provides an objective source for monitoring a parent's actions.

Depending on the circumstances of the case the use of the proper equipment may help to create an alternative to children being removed from the parent's care, an alternative to supervised access, and/or an independent means of proving a parent's true behavior. Monitoring can make the Children's Aid Societies abuse cases more efficient and less intrusive.

When a parent acknowledges abuse, monitoring can not only help them break the vicious circle and prove that they are getting the problem under control, but it will help keep children in their care or have them returned sooner, or have unsupervised access. When a parent denies allegations of abuse, electronic monitoring enables them to take a proactive step to prove what they are saying is true. 

Early Alerts to Aggressors' Victims' Security Means:

  • Multiple security perimeters for the victim, fixed and mobile.
  • Optional correlation of victims' location to enable prompt alerts to aggressors' approach.
  • Victim tracking unit doubles as an emergency phone to criminal justice agencies.


  • Real-time tracking of aggressors' whereabouts.
  • Prompt alerts to the aggressors' approach to the security perimeters around the victims, delivered simultaneously to both the victims and designated criminal justice agencies.
  • Warnings to aggressors as they enter off-limit zones.

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