Domestic Violence

The StalkerAlert Mobile Application is a free domestic violence prevention tool for agencies and victims. The app monitors real-time GPS locations of both the victim (via the installed app) and enrollee (via BLUtag®), and sends in-app and SMS text notifications to the victim for safety measures.


Once the profile for the victim is created in the app, the BLUtag information gets added, and tracking begins.
StalkerAlert notifies victims when an enrollee enters and exits any of the three predesignated Proximity Zones.

• Caution Zone = 3 miles.
• Warning Zone = 2 miles.
• Danger Zone = 1 mile.

The acquisition rate of GPS track points increases if the enrollee enters the Danger Zone from 1 GPS point per minute to 1 GPS point every 15 seconds, reporting every 1 minute.

NOTE: The location of the enrollee is never displayed in the app, and the victim will not receive notifications about the enrollee's location.

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