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Electronic monitoring is a justice system tool that benefits both Crown and Defense. For Crown, individuals wearing an ankle bracelet monitoring device will help to ensure that they will show up for court, are properly supervised, and that should they attempt to run or commit another crime, they will be immediately apprehended. And for Defense, wearing an ankle bracelet will keep your client out of jail, promote rehabilitation and accountability, and allows your client(s) to prove themselves trustworthy.

Monitoring of individuals is both a proactive crime prevention, and a public safety strategy.

In the case of an electronic monitoring offender-pay program, electronic monitoring can be achieved at zero cost to both the justice system and the taxpayer, while saving government incarceration costs that are upwards of $200-$250 or more per day.

The alternative to not using this public safety tool is all too often an increased burden on police services whose resources are already stretched thin by inadequate funding to support increased responsibilities. Accordingly, it makes sense to use electronic monitoring (EM) in appropriate cases.
Now is the time for the courts to include electronic monitoring as a standard condition of pre-trial bail release. If electronic monitoring were used, just a few of the benefits would be...

• Peace of mind for the court, law enforcement, and the sureties.
• No cost to the taxpayer.
• Offenders who abscond would be quickly located and returned to custody.
• The community's public safety interest would be well served.

Alternatives to Incarceration

The nation’s prisons and jails are overcrowded due to years of legislation designed to “get tough on crime.” In addition to creating a skyrocketing population in prisons and jails, these initiatives have unintentionally sent many low-risk non-violent offenders to prison. A large percentage of these offenders are incarcerated for drug-related crimes and/or possession.

Overcrowded prisons and jails present dangerous situations for both inmates and staff. They create situations where the agency is more vulnerable to lawsuits from inmates and creates a strain on the actual operations of a jail or prison with regard to food and health services, sanitation and maintenance. Corrections agencies simply cannot build jails and prisons quick enough to help relieve the strain.

Electronic monitoring gives supervising agencies a tool to become “smart on crime” while holding offenders accountable for their actions. Offenders can keep their jobs or continue their educational endeavors while adhering to the other requirements imposed by the court, such as substance abuse treatment and counseling.

The systems can be used for a wide variety of applications such as; DUI, Bail Hearings and Reviews, Probation, and Conditional Sentencing. They can also be used regarding Family Domestic Abuse Hearings, Section 810 Peace Bond Orders, Immigration Hearings and Appeals (including Detention Reviews).

We can set law enforcement up (or even the courts) with a "view only" version of the same software that our monitoring center is using to monitor released individuals. This will allow them to see (in real time) where the released individuals are at all times. An additional benefit of our ankle monitoring software is that there are 180+ different reports we can offer (some including maps) that give all data information, past as well as present during a specified time period regarding an individual. In addition, custom reports are also available, and all reports (including the custom reports) that are for the courts, and/or law enforcement are free of charge, and no software has to be downloaded.
If requested we can supply affidavits to the courts that explain the benefits that come with the use of Electronic Monitoring. In addition, we are able to offer personal expert witness testimony anywhere in Canada.

As a user-pay system, the cost may be a deciding factor for individuals in using Electronic Monitoring or not. That being the case, we help by making our prices just about the lowest in Canada, and there are no hidden costs. We accept monthly payments, and we accept e-transfers, plus all credit and bank cards.

We also have a program for low-income individuals. We will offer further reduced prices if they are using Legal Aid, or can prove financial distress.

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