Alcohol Monitoring Systems

Alcohol Monitors are devices used to measure alcohol levels in an individuals system via a sample of their breath. A Court enforced breathalyzer is often required for a period of time and will quickly determine and record blood alcohol content from a breath sample accurately. Breathalyzer is the brand name (a genericized trademark) for this commonly used instrument but many people use the term to refer to any generic device for estimating alcohol levels within the system.

Electronic Offender Monitoring (a Division of Tratek Industries) offers these popular models for Breath Alcohol Monitoring. 


The SoberTrack “Remote Breath Alcohol Monitoring Unit” is a lightweight, handheld, portable, one-piece, GPS-enabled unit that comes with its own carrying case and spare testing straws. After a full charge, it’s ready for testing and monitoring anywhere, anytime. (Note: Enrollees are not required to purchase the SoberTrack device or download any app to their smartphone.)

To get started, TrāTek will program either random, fixed, or on-demand testing into the software. SoberTrack will then emit an audible tone when a test is required. Additionally, an optional reminder of an up-coming test text message can be sent 5-minutes before a scheduled test. The enrollee will acknowledge the test notification via the touch screen, and when instructed to do so, blow into the disposable straw. (A deep blow has to be sustained for over 5 seconds.)

During testing SoberTrack’ s GPS function will identify the locations where each test is being performed, as well as identify where each missed test is located.

The completion of the test will be displayed on the touch screen display indicating if the test is completed, or if a re-test is required. If no re-test is required the device will return to a blank screen.

Multiple color images will be taken during the test with its advanced built-in digital camera.

All blurry or partial images will be discarded leaving only clear color images to provide a more complete automated facial recognition review. In low light settings the SoberTrack’ s LED light will automatically turn on to assist in obtaining the best picture quality possible.

All test results can be sent via email or text message, and an end of program report showing all results can be supplied to the Court at no charge.

In addition, SoberTrack also displays the status of the battery when the screen is touched.



One of the smallest breath alcohol devices that provides big peace of mind for corrections and law enforcement officers managing alcohol monitoring programs.

The Remote Breath Alcohol Monitoring Device is a handheld, wireless, breath alcohol testing platform that provides automated facial recognition and GPS location tracking with each test. This one-piece, handheld device is rugged, portable and easy to use.

  • Automated facial recognition software helps confirm whether the correct individual is taking the test.
  • Intelligent biometric confirmation system & automated matching reduces manual review of photos.
  • High-resolution images.
  • Immediate notification of both breath alcohol level and positive client identification that significantly reduces staff time required to confirm identities.
  • Store and forward up to 48,000 test results.
  • Real-time notifications with automated, simultaneous client verification.
  • Device-initiated testing—automatically turns on and prompts clients for tests.
  • Device ensures client always knows when it’s time to test.
  • Flexible testing schedule options—random, scheduled or on-demand.
  • Optional reminders and notifications sent to client's cell phone.
  • Stores test results when out of cell coverage and forwards them when service is reacquired, so you’ll never lose test data.
  • GPS location with every test—even missed tests.
  • GPS locations provide more supervision data, especially on missed tests. 




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