Electronic Ankle Monitoring Equipment in Canada

Below find listed the various types of Ankle Electronic Offender Monitoring Hardware offered through Tratek Monitoring Systems. These products are all Canada approved GPS Electronic and Ankle Monitoring Equipment lines that operate in Realtime, Passive or Hybrid Modes. Our team of reps can help you choose what is right for your situation or take your order if you are set to go. 

BluTag  Ankle Monitor Active version:

BluTag Active transmits Electronic Offender Monitoring data once every minute. If an offender commits a violation such as a tamper with the ankle monitor, or is entering a prohibited zone, or not recharging the battery in a timely manner, BluTag active immediately transmits a notification to the monitoring center. Once the monitoring center receives the real-time data it immediately forwards it to the assigned contacts. (a text message is the quickest method of notification).

The Hybrid Ankle Monitor version:
Like BluTag Active, the Hybrid Electronic Ankle Monitor generates immediate event notifications for inclusion zone violations and tampers. All other monitoring data is stored in its memory until the offender charges the battery, or a violation occurs, or the supervising agent/officer initiates a "Location Request".

The Passive Ankle Monitor version:
The Passive Ankle Monitor Functions in the “same manner” as a BluTag Active unit, with the exception that it stores all monitoring data in its on-board memory, and doesn’t generate immediate event notifications. BluTag Passive is paired with BluHome, which is our home-based monitoring unit. Once the offender enters the BluHome RF signal range, BluTag Passive recognizes it and begins transmitting all stored monitoring data. Once BluHome receives the data, it immediately calls the monitoring center using the analog/landline or digital phone service in the offender’s home to transmit the data. The monitoring center then forwards event notifications to the designated contacts.

BluBand RF Ankle Monitor:

For curfew or house arrest monitoring programs with radio frequency (RF) technology. This inconspicuous transceiver device quickly installs around an offender’s ankle without using a programming bracelet. It works with BluHome, our home-based receiver, and together they record the date and time when the offender enters and exits his or her home. BluHome transmits monitoring data to the monitoring center using the offender’s analog/landline or most digital (non-VoIP) telephone service in his or her home or by using the cellular service. BluHome records the date and time of any tampering to itself and BluBand when the offender is within BluHome’s adjustable RF signal range. If tampering to BluBand occurs when the offender is outside of BluHome’s RF signal range, BluBand records that tampering occurred. This information transmits to the monitoring center when the offender enters BluHome’s RF signal range.

The Tough Strap Ankle Monitor:

Satellite Tracking of People (STOP) developed the Blutag "Tough Strap" for Agencies supervising offenders classified as high risk. The "Tough Strap" works in conjunction with BluTag’s existing hypoallergenic industrial-grade thermoplastic rubber strap that is lined with a fiber optic cable. The dual strap assembly provides multiple levels of tamper detection.

Features of the BluTag Tough Strap:
Lined with 1-mm thick stainless steel strap for extra security and ruggedness.
Covered in hypoallergenic protective thermoplastic material.
Available in five sizes, all preshaped for easy installation.
Installs with any existing BluTag device.
Security screws and tamper-proof covers attach the strap to the device.
Shell, straps and security screws are re-usable and sanitized with each use.
Tamper-proof covers are designed for one-time use and easily removed.

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