Court Benefits

Many courts see the same offenders come before them time and time again, cycling between a life of crime and a life in prison. Electronic monitoring systems in Canada, in conjunction with a support program of employment and educational opportunities, provides a tool to break this cycle, by enforcing behavior changes such as work/school attendance, home curfews, and avoidance of old hangouts and associates.

Recidivism, Compliance, and re-entry into Communities

Offender tracking systems can play a pivotal role in breaking the cycle of repeat offenses by providing in-depth offender monitoring information.

A Parole officer may explicitly communicate rules and the consequences of adhering to or breaking those rules, but the disability of the officer to accurately and routinely verify compliance may make an offender uncertain that sanctions will be applied, weakening or nullifying effectiveness. Tracking systems provide for accurate, dependable, and thorough verification of offender compliance 24/7/365, anywhere in the world. Instances of non-compliance can be reported immediately to the corresponding officer, allowing for timely application of sanctions when appropriate.

Most Parole officers recognize the value of community reentry post release treatment programs, but often cannot verify regular offender participation. Our hardware and systems enable officers to authentically verify offender treatment program attendance by creating customized zones, and schedules for each offender. Agency personnel can be alerted automatically when offenders miss treatment programs. This up-to-date offender compliance information helps officers to increase the chances of successful offender rehabilitation.

Public Safety

We provide high-risk intervention monitoring services for the most high risk offenders, and our operators will immediately notify the authorities when a breach/violation occurs.

Our standard strap contains fiber optic, tamper detection, and the ability to tell if the individual tries to wrap tin foil around the ankle monitor to block the signal. This will help to provide law enforcement ample time to respond to a notification.
The above noted capabilities have the ability to change the outcome of a notification by stopping crimes in progress.

Work Release, Halfway Houses and Alterntaive Sentancing Programs

Electronic monitoring allows offenders to participate in Alternative Sentencing Programs while maintaining community safety. Our 24/7/365 intensive monitoring allows corresponding officers to be notified in the event of non-compliance.
Removal of the equipment can be done, but not without agency personnel being notified. The ankle monitor has a tamper detection systems.

Participants can contribute to society without having to carry awkward, heavy, or obtrusive equipment. Enrolled offenders can learn how to reintegrate into society while being held accountable to compliance parameters.
Schedules, and curfews that are set by agency personnel keep offenders accountable to their daily use of time and teach offenders the value of a consistent routine.

Similar alternative sentencing programs linked with electronic monitoring systems are quickly becoming a preferred treatment method for Juveniles, rather than incarceration.

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